OÖ Landesgalerie Linz, 2002
“Diaprojektion 3” (overlapping slide projection
with unknown woman – Marilyn Monroe), 2000/02
and “Diaprojektion 4” (fashion – porn), 2001
(Photo: Norbert Artner)


Pictures appear on empty walls, only to give way to the next shot after a few moments making visible both the transitoriness and the permanence of photography. Photography records the ephemeral in an ephemeral way; it registers appearances and movements which, in their specific constellations, are non-repetitively past, but, being photographed, are comparable and remain at least as images, preserved for a time from the ultimate death of being forgotten. “Grandma looked like that? … In the end it was not at all (her) that was reproduced but her friend, who looked just like her.” … more


“Diaprojektion 3”, 2000/2002
(Unknown woman – Marilyn Monroe)
overlapping double projection
(Photo: Norbert Artner)

“Vogue 03/2005”, 2005, slide projection

“Transparency”, MAK-Galerie Vienna, 2002
Slide projections No. 1, 2, 3, 4a and 5, computer-
controlled and rhythmised, total of 729 slides
(Photo: Christian Wachter)

“Diaprojektion 5a”, 2002/2008
Salzburger Kunstverein, 2008
(Photo: Andrew Phelps)