“Körper-Diskurse”, 2005
C-prints, framed, 93 × 123 cm each
Text quotations: Judith Butler
from “The Psychic Life of Power.
Theories in Subjection”


In Maria Hahnenkamp’s “Körper-Diskurse” (body discourses) series (2005), female figures are arranged horizontally in the pictorial space. They are lying askew, at odds with the usual situation in image spaces. The bodies are positioned on a sheet of glass, photographed from below through the glass. Lying as they are on a sheet of glass, the bodies appear to anticipate the flatness of their representation in the picture or perhaps to play with the idea of an imprint on the photographic paper. The bodies are torsos, with faces, hands or feet and the like completely omitted. Strips of foil with quotations from Judith Butler’s “The Psychic Life of Power” coil round the bodies, adding a textual element to the picture. … more