Untitled (from the “Kleid” series), 5 parts, 2010
Pigment prints, framed, 83 × 108 cm each


The fragile body rotates slowly on its own axis. The dress wrinkles, the seams stretch. The fabric is stuffed between the surface and the body weight. Turned upward, it is again freed from the pressure of the body weight. The procedure repeats. By way of the repetition, the fabric, the veil, begins to twist like a braid, it forces the thin figure into ever narrower spaces. Maria Hahnenkamp has placed a woman in a blood-red dress on a glass bed. The turning motion is filmed from below. A series of still photographs was taken. The material itself is embroidered with a white thread in a floral pattern. The movement of the woman, whose face never appears, seems like the movement of a restless sleeper, while the recongnizable rhythm is reminiscent of a roller like those used for mechanical ironing. … more


“Cut-Out”, 2007
C-prints, digital cut, framed, 72 × 92 cm each
Text quotations: Judith Butler from
“The Psychic Life of Power. Theories in Subjection”