“6 Plakate”, 2007
16-sheet posters in urban space of Innsbruck
Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck
Photos: Rainer Iglar


Parallel figures

Art projects in an open-air urban environment are, unlike in the special atmosphere in the Kunsthalle, able to subvert perceptive conventions. Such artistic interventions always bring about interruptions in the homogenized setting of the urban daily routine. Besides initial irritation they are able to critically reflect life contexts or encourage communicative processes. What is captivating in Maria Hahnenkamp’s posters seems to be the at first sight enigmatic phenomenon that image and text meet in them without an immediately decipherable common bond. The intangible, even inexplicable messages passersby are first confronted with contradict the usual principle of linearity of such messages. There seems to be no sender and therefore also no intended receiver as in traditional communication models. … more