“Raum-Poesie”, 2012
Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt
(with architect Willi Frötscher)


Open competition:
“Raum-Poesie”, Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt, 2012
(in collaboration with architect Willi Frötscher)

An image panel set off from the wall with a round bracket constitutes the image space, extending over two floors and reacting to the function of the staircase, that links several levels of the building. A particular challenge is the existing fresco by Peter Pongratz with its intense colours in the foyer of the first floor. Maria Hahnenkamp and Willi Frötscher opt for a white background, that stands out from the delicate grey of the staircase, and a painted ornamental pattern of lines in dark grey. The ornaments, as always with Maria Hahnenkamp, are taken from a book of patterns from 1860 and were digitally drawn and edited. … more