“Ornament-Vorhang”, 2008
Kabelwerkpark Vienna, destroyed 2009
re-erected in 2012 at Kurpark Oberlaa Vienna
(with Mag. Arch. Willi Frötscher)
Photos: Stephan Huger


“Ornament-Vorhang”, Kabelwerkpark Vienna, 2008
(in collaboration with Mag. Arch. Willi Frötscher)
KÖR Vienna, destroyed at the beginning of 2009
and re-erected in 2012 with 4 sheets of glass (in a reduced form)
at Kurpark Oberlaa, Vienna

The work consists of a sequence of five framed glass image panels. It offers visitors an artistic instrument for perceiving nature. The cultivated nature of the park is divided into image details with the aid of “frames” and follows the movement of an opening ornamental curtain. Passers-by discover a host of different perspectives and views.

The image panels were positioned in a field amidst wild apple trees along a footpath at a distance of approximately 15m from each other. Each panel is rotated fifteen degrees from the last. The five free-standing glass image panels follow the movement of a rotating, opening ornamental curtain. Printed on them are the outlines of a white ornament taken from a pattern from circa 1860. It quotes the passing on of traditions as such, making reference to historical impressions, traces that have become culturally inscribed in us, without us recognising them or being able to trace them back to their origins.

The “Ornamental Curtain” can be perceived individually depending on the viewer’s position, like the frames of a film, or simultaneously and consecutively in the form of a sequence of images. By dint of the staggered arrangement and slight rotation, the “Ornamental Curtain” is constantly taking on tangible form. The overlaps that arise lead to abstractions in the dual sense, with the ornament itself constituting an abstraction of nature.


“Ornament-Vorhang”, 2012
Kurpark Oberlaa, 1100 Vienna
(with Mag. Arch. Willi Frötscher)