“Ornament fragment”, 2000/2001
Cultural Landscape Paasdorf, Lower Austria
(with Mag. Arch. Willi Frötscher)
Photos: Werner Feiersinger


Invited competition:
“Ornament fragment”, 2000
(in collaboration with Mag. Arch. Willi Frötscher)
Cultural Landscape Paasdorf, Lower Austria

We had a terrace-style concrete surface cast in the little area of field at the beginning of the “Cultural Landscape Paasdorf”, in the immediate vicinity of an existing wayside shrine, omitting the outlines of an ornament fragment. The surrounding natural vegetation continues to grow in this ornamental trail.

The site for installing this work was deliberately chosen, with the configuration of the work also being intentionally architectural. The place with the benches is intended to turn the attention of those resting here over the sloping terrain and hills to the horizon. The existing wayside shrine is a dominant feature in the context of the ornamental concrete slab, making reference to an admission of the relative force of cultivating activity in nature.